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Assistant Property Manager

Richard Huang.jpg

Mr. Huang has a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech.  He joined CapStar in 2021 as a financial and marketing analyst and now the Assistant Property Manager in 2023. Prior to that, he worked in a VA Architecture firm as an Associate Architectural Designer.

Mr. Huang has a great passion for real estate. His educational background and work experience have prepared him with financial analysis, market research, real estate development, investment, and real estate repositioning and acquisition.

During his career in architecture, Mr. Huang has been involved in four residential renovation projects with a combined construction cost of over $2.4 million.

During his career in commercial real estate, Mr. Huang has closed commercial real estate transactions and deals with a combined value of over $1.9 million. Mr. Huang also generated the market analysis for clients, including Cathay Bank, Sun Shade RV, Bartlett Tree Expert, Yama Sushi, College Park Tower, and Pixel Wall.

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